Precision Security Releases Melbourne, Somerton & Campbellfield Crime Statistics

Australia, December 07, 2017 — Crime and theft are always going to occur in any city or suburb and are unavoidable. The goal should then not be to eliminate crime and theft, but to reduce it as much as possible. In this article, we will be reviewing crime statistics for Melbourne, Somerton and Campbellfield. Melbourne is

Stakers’ New Vision of Pool Gaming takes Pools to a Higher Level

Malta, December 04, 2017 — The dynamicly developing iGaming company Stakers presents yet another new product – sports betting pools. Providing all players with fairly equal conditions to win a 100k jackpot, Stakers accepts a minimum bet of only 20 cents. The new applicable terms and conditions allow players to become a winner with just

WiCo 2’s Indiegogo Campaign Is Off To A Good Start Promoting The Most Powerful Smart Plug

Bulgaria, November 27, 2017 — Finding campaigns online that come from a place of heart and passion are difficult nowadays. While there are many that can be found on websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, not many back a product that is made by people that feel exceptionally personal and connected with the product they wanted funded.

Nearly 80 Billion Dollars Were Spent in 2016 to Fight Cybercrime

EZComputer Solutions published an infographic revealing how the world was hacked in 2016, showcasing interesting statistics and useful information regarding the rising cost of cybercrime. Lancaster PA, November 15, 2017 — Cybercrime is becoming an increasingly major issue worldwide. In fact, in 2016 alone there were more than 900 security breaches that resulted in data theft,

Dryshield to Offer Ontario Homeowners with Effective Waterproofing Solutions

Ontario, Canada, November 13, 2017 — In the Ontario climate, water and humidity is really all over. Water is important for life; however when it accumulates on roofs of residential, commercial and industrial properties in Ontario, property owners start looking for repair solutions along with prevention measures. Water seepage is a common incident in the traumatic

Dryshield to Help Ontario Homeowners with Wet Basements and Damp Walls

Toronto, Canada, November 02, 2017 — Each year, the province of Ontario is regularly affected by heavy seasonal rainfall, snowfall, and thunderstorm. A lot of homes and buildings in the province have been damaged by dampness and mould resulting from rainwater infiltration and melting snow on roofs. The affected homes, offices and buildings have either been

Active Grow SG300 First Horticulture LED Luminaire Featured in the IES Progress Report

Active Grow SG300 LED grow light first horticulture LED luminaire featured in the illuminating engineering society progress report. Seattle, WA, October 04, 2017 — Active Grow, the next-gen horticulture lighting company’s Sweet Grass Series™ 300W LED Grow Light is the first horticulture LED luminaire to be featured in the 2017 Illuminating Engineering Society’s (IES) Annual Progress Report. The

MozArt Acrylics – Affordable Artist-Grade Acrylic Paint Perfect for Beginning and Pro Artists

Acrylics are the most versatile among all paints. They are perfect for beginning and professional artists. Acrylic paints come in different sizes, thickness and brands and are available either in student quality or artist quality. London, September 29, 2017 — Acrylics are the most versatile among all paints. If you add water to them, you will

Precision Security Australia: Melbourne’s CCTV Installer

Campbellfiield, Victoria Australia, September 22, 2017 — Security cameras are a popular feature to install in homes and businesses in today’s turbulent atmosphere. You never know when you might need to have recordings of what goes on your property. Having a security camera system installed can save you money and even possibly your life. Due to the nature

37 Experts Share Their Top Tips For First Time Home Buyers

In a rare effort to help first time owners, has compiled a list of tips from 37 top experts to guide first time home buyers. Branchburg, September 12, 2017 — In a rare effort to help first time owners, has compiled a list of tips from 37 top experts to guide first time home