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Word Panda has announced the AI-based English lessons

New York, NY, December 29, 2017 — On December 27th Word Panda announced its new system of English lessons. The system is based upon new technologies used to analyze and process natural languages. These technologies are an integral part today’s AI applications. The lessons will be based on deep knowledge of how languages work and how

A Career Enhancing CCNA Module from Remotraining

Toronto, Ontario, August 25, 2016 — offers live training for CCNA, among various other programs. These programs are fully instructor-led courses that are also available online. likewise, offers a wide range of certification for other Cisco related or IT course programs or services. CCNA is a career enhancement certification in the field of

LPN Job Outlook Is NOT a Mystery Anymore: An Infographic States It All

Houston, TX, July 18, 2016 — Widely-popular and highly-trusted, Healthassistancepartnership.Org has recently published an infographic about License Practical Nurse Job Outlook. This infographic includes comprehensive information regarding which US State offers most License Practical Nurse Jobs, what is the average salary offered to the License Practical Nurses, whether experience matters or not, which industry employees

Remotraining – Pioneers in Remote CCNA Training

Toronto, May 13, 2016 — Remotraining Solutions is an innovation hub of technologists, offering world class CCNA training solutions. What makes the program so unique is the fact that the training can be undertaken by anyone at any time, from anywhere in the world. As pioneers and innovators, the company has set new benchmarks and

Wired for the Real World! Assured Remote Training Solutions for Any Network Examination

Toronto, February 08, 2016 — Remotraining offers specialized training for CCNA (CISCO Certified Network Associate), A+, Linux, Aruba Wireless, Microsoft, ITIL and Juniper certifications. What makes the training unique is the fact that it can be taken taken purely as an online course, across all certifications formats. The President of Remotraining says, “There is a