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GREEN CREATIVE Releases PL EDGE SERIES DIRect and BYPass LED Lamps With New 13-18W Replacement Options

San Bruno, CA, July 29, 2016 — GREEN CREATIVE, the commercial grade LED lighting manufacturer proudly announces the launch of its next generation of PL DIRect and BYPass lamps for horizontal and vertical installations. The PL EDGE SERIES horizontal (PL H) and vertical (PL V) lamps each come in two sizes: one for replacing 26W

Creative Enyzmes Found Many Diseases Can Cause the High Alkaline Phosphatase Level

Shirley, NY, April 13, 2016/PressReleaseCircle/ — March 12th, 2016, scientists in Creative Enzymes studied further influence of some diseases in the alkaline phosphatase release. These diseases include gastrointestinal disease, infections, bone disease and medications. This news is mainly concerned why these diseases should be factors leading the release of alkaline phosphatase, which is a kind

Teduglutide from Creative Peptides Helps You Gain Further Success in SBS Research

Shirley, NY, March 30, 2016 /PressReleaseCircle/— Creative Peptides, a reliable supplier of peptides manufacturing upon academic, clinical, commercial and government laboratories in diverse applications, is concentrated on developing its effective product – Teduglutide. Teduglutide, also known as Gattex/ALX 0600, is mainly used for the treatment of short bowel syndrome (SBS). The disease is generally due